About The Breeder

My name is Lindsay, and I purchased my first Toller in 2011 from Tollwest Tollers. I immediately fell head-over-heels in love with the breed and began to plan my future in the Toller community. I soon purchased another female for showing and for a playmate for my first dog.

First and foremost, my dogs are pets. We enjoy camping, hiking, running, dog sports, and taking walks in the coulees. My favourite part of owning a high-energy breed is that they never say no when I want to do something. They trained with me when I began my quest to run a half-marathon and had way more energy then I did. They are great hiking companions so I never have to worry about “hiking alone” when they’re around!

I am truly a animal lover and have had many pets in the past: dogs, cats, birds, fish, and hamsters. I spent 2 years volunteering at our local Humane Society and loved every moment of my time there, but unfortunately, work/school obligations cut my time too short to continue.

My love of dogs has led me to take a few courses. I completed a "Canine Theriogenology: for dog enthusiasts" online course through the University of Minnesota in 2012, and "Understanding Hip & Elbow Dysplasia" through the Institute of Canine Biology in 2017. 

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